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8 thoughts on “ The Pressure Of Life

  1. Jan 01,  · pressure. I. Pressure can clarify our priorities. (v. 29) Priorities are those things to which we give the most attention. They receive our time, money, and devotion. Sometimes our priorities are formed by those things that are most pressing. At other times our priorities are misplaced. We value the wrong things. Priorities can be fundamentally self-serving.
  2. Jan 19,  · Directed by Asaad Kelada. With Charlotte Rae, Lisa Whelchel, Kim Fields, Mindy Cohn. When Mrs. Garrett learns she has high blood pressure, the girls try to protect her from stress.
  3. The average person today faces a myriad of different pressures. For some, I’m sure, it feels like they are living in a pressure cooker. Whether it is economic pressure, or family pressure, or pressure somehow related to our jobs, we all know what the stresses of daily life can be like. Maybe you are in a battle for your health today.
  4. Pressure is a situation that can have significant and negative results if you don’t perform well; hence, performing under pressure. It feels like a life-or-death situation — your reputation, a relationship, your success or safety feel at risk. Your inability to differentiate stress from pressure can harm you.
  5. Nov 09,  · The pressures of life have erupted in various ways. Pressures from personal relationships are a concern to all of us whether they come from immediate family, in-laws, employers, friends or people who have wronged us in one way or another.
  6. 'True Life Presents: Quarantine Stories': Same-sex couple Nicole and Ashley feel the pressure of the pandemic. The couple were in a long-distance relationship who got stuck with each other when the pandemic arrived, affecting their relationship.
  7. The Pressures of Life – God’s Loving Refinement. When God turns up the heat on your life and puts you under pressure, the dross comes to the surface. Have you responded to something and been surprised by what you said or did? Put in the right situation, you will say things that you never though you would say. Where does that come from?
  8. Pressure definition is - the burden of physical or mental distress. How to use pressure in a sentence.

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