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8 thoughts on “ Sabbat - The Satanic Farm 1992-97 (Cassette)

  1. Track 1 "Witch's Mill", track 2 "Satanic Rites" and track 9 "Sodoomed" are instrumental tracks. Track 3 "The Egg Of Dapple~Madara No Tamago~ is a Jap's version. Track 4 "Acid Angel" is an Ozny version.
  2. Tracks A1 to A5, B1 to B4 - Live at Music Farm 07/15/92 Tracks B5, B6 are - Special live bonus - tracks taken from Live gig. Title: "Far East Sabbatical Live Attack!" (printed on spine). Title: "Far East Sabbatical Live Attack!!!" {Live at Music Farm July 15th } (printed on cover artwork). Title: Sabbat Live at Music Farm 07/15/
  3. Sabbatical Nunslaughter Goat Metal Assault () [Split] by Sabbat. Labels: Witchhammer Productions. Genres: Black Metal, Thrash Metal. Songs: Sabbat - Matsuillusion, Sabbat - Satan Bless You, Sabbat - Demonic Serenade, Sabbat - Brothers of Demons, Sabbat - Crest of Satan, Sabbat - Hellfire.. Members: Gezol, Zorugelion, Temis Osmond, Don of the Dead, Jim Sadist, The Deserter.
  4. Zip E PAL Send to CDS/CE Order Old Columbia Pike Silver Spring, MD Includes NTSC or PAL cassette, textbook and facilitator's guide and cams 1 CEU Not a video of easy answers to hard questions Shop Talk Prayer watch poster Out of the World Ministers' Council held in conjunction with the General Conference session at Indianapolis came.
  5. The Satanic Farm (Live album) Guitars, Vocals (additional) Sabbat Nekromantik Sabbat (Live album) Guitars: Samurai Zombies (Live album) Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals: Mexiconslaught (Split) Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals: E.C.A. (Extermination Cult Alliance) (Split) Guitars, Vocals: Mexicarmageddon Memories.
  6. The Satanic Farm () [Live] by Sabbat. Labels: Stygian Shadows. Genres: Black Metal, Thrash Metal. Songs: Torment in the Pentagram / Sabasius, Rage of Mountains, Metamorphosis, Unknown Massacra, Lost in the Grave, Elixir de Vie.
  7. Track 15 is listed as "Acid Queen" on the original cover, but it's "Acid Angel" (like on "For Satan and Sacrifice") Recording information: Produced by Evil Records. Mastered at Witch's Mill Studio All tracks live at Music Farm in Nagoya, Japan. Tracks recorded live, May 12th Tracks recorded live, September 13th

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