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  1. Eye (ocular) pain. Sometimes the eyes just hurt, whether it is a stabbing pain, a dull ache in or around the eye, or even redness, burning and itchiness. The trauma that caused the concussion can sometimes create what is known as an accommodation spasm which can make the eye hurt. This is when one of the muscles around the eye contracts and.
  2. darting eyes synonyms and antonyms in the English synonyms dictionary, see also 'daring',darling',dart',darkling', definition. Understand darting eyes .
  3. Jun 29,  · After some blood tests and a more thorough exam, he diagnosed idiopathic vestibular disease. By that time, in addition to not being able to stand and the darting eyes, Toby also displayed other symptoms of the disease, which include: Head tilt, .
  4. Gazing Sideways Glance. This usually denotes uncertainty or the need for more info. If someone is sideways glancing and also Darting Eyes. Darting eyes always mean the person feels insecure. They often are looking for escape routes from talking Glasses. Studies show that women who wear glasses.
  5. Pe Darting Eyes. by Auburn. Visual Description. The eyes will dart around in their sockets in a pattern that has no direct connection to the happenings of the environment. They may suddenly drift upward, downward or toggle from left-to-right very rapidly while remaining wide and alert.
  6. Winking. In the West, we consider winking to be a cheeky form of flirting - something we do with people that we know or are on good terms with. However, there are cross-cultural variations on the issue of winking: some Asian cultures frown up on the use of this form of facial expression.
  7. darting eyes - MedHelp's darting eyes Center for Information, Symptoms, Resources, Treatments and Tools for darting eyes. Find darting eyes information, treatments for darting eyes and darting eyes symptoms.
  8. darting definition: 1. present participle of dart 2. to move quickly or suddenly: 3. to look quickly at someone. Learn more.
  9. This is called nystagmus or "dancing eyes." It's a condition where you can't control your eye movements. What Causes Nystagmus? It may be a sign of .

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